A woman's handbag is her secret source of power: Evaleather.com

A woman's handbag is her secret source of power. There are so many dark and dangerous secrets in which we poor puppies will not have to know anything.
(From the movie How to get left in 10 days)

Here we are! Love for bags? Quiet are not the only ones!

For us women today it is normal to have a different bag for every occasion. Different colors, different materials and different models. A purse combined with a total black, another bag for that elegant dress. In short, we women never have enough bags!
 True? Do you think about it like me?
My wardrobe always has space for a bag, I can not say no!
Usually the colors I use are: black or gray, but this time I wanted to change and very much choosing a purse of a different color than I usually use!
I did not think it would be so easy to match it, but I was wrong! The bag combines many of my looks!

This bag is really very special, Evaleather.com has a really wonderful collection! In real skin, kept in the details, very spacious, I can put everything in it. We women know that in our bag we put so many things, the trick, the agenda, in short, the bag must have space!

This bag also has a security closure, in fact it is fitted with a key padlock! Hearing unwanted hands! I do not like when someone puts their hands in my bag! I'm sure you think it like me!
Eva Leather really impressed me with her collection, there are really wonderful handbags! The strong point is definitely the quality! Also the brand ships all over the world, but it's great!

Do you like the bag I chose?
I invite you to visit the store online and choose your favorite one!

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