Thanks to ShoeLicks we have soles with a unique design!

Hello lovers of heels, you know you can customize making a work of art?
That's right, thanks to ShoeLicks we have soles with a unique design, and we can change them whenever you want, depending on our mood and our look.

The brand is inspired by the famous pink soles of Louboutin so gave birth to adhesives, convenient to use and long lasting, to allow us to customize our women shoes as we want!
The stickers are available in several models, suitable for special occasions, and great gift idea.

ShoeLicks is the creation of Britishentrepreneur Charlotte King, a self-confessed style junkie that loves to “peacock”. Envious of the iconic Louboutinred sole, King set about creating a simple accessory that would allow fashionistas on a budget to turn heads for a fraction of the price, whilst getting multiple fun and stylish looks from just the one pair of heels!She is currently in talks with major fashion high street outlets like ASOS, Topshopand Accessorizeto collaborate on producing seasonal prints –watch this space. She hasalso collaboratedwith Designer of the Year, Lindsey Lang, to create an exclusive ShoeLickdesign for the Design Museum’s Women Fashion Powerexhibitionand is in the V&A’s gift shop for Shoes: Pleasure and Pain. ShoeLicks was present at the first ever Bloggers Fashion Week, where they were named ‘favourite brand’ from several fashion bloggers. ShoeLicks opened episode 9 of season 12 ofDragon’s Denon Feb 8th,to an overwhelming reception to the pimp your heelstrend. The Dragons liked the product and called Charlotte a breath of fresh air. Kelly Hoppen especially thought they were innovative, creative and newand sees them being sold by the tills of top fashion chainslike Topshop. All dragons agreed it was a great product, just not enough to make them millions, as the market isn’t big enough for them.
A very creative idea but also beneficial for us women who love change and then to a small price, you think you can all this with only: £ 2.99 !!!

Buongiorno amanti dei tacchi, sapevate che è possibile personalizzarli rendendoli un'opera d'arte?
Proprio così, grazie a ShoeLicks potremo avere delle suole da un design unico, e potremo cambiarle ogni volta che vogliamo, in base al nostro umore e al nostro look.
Un'idea molto creativa ma anche utile per noi donne che amiamo cambiare e poi ad un prezzo piccolissimo, pensate che è possibile tutto questo con soli: £2.99!!!

Il brand si è ispirato alla famosa suola rosa di Louboutin così ha dato vita agli adesivi, pratici da usare e duraturi nel tempo, per permettere a noi donne di personalizzare le nostre scarpe come vogliamo!
Gli adesivi sono disponibili in molti modelli, adatti per occasioni speciali e ottimi come idea regalo.

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