Perfect hair? Silk pillowcase. Dress Shein!

Usually Saturday is my day of relaxation, I dedicate the whole day to me, doing all that I could not do during the week, then I stay more in bed, I watch a TV series, even if there are Saturdays in which I run all day!

Today was one of those days spent in bed, between one film and another. Looking at inspirational photos of homes and furniture, about furniture, I bought some real silk Shhhsilk pillowcase that I love! I'm 100% pure silk and I like this marble effect too much! I have been inspired by many photos on the web of home and interior design, on the web you can find everything!
These pillowcases have a totally hidden hinge. The naturally hypoallergenic qualities of the fabric make it compatible with any type of leather. In addition to eliminating unwanted folds of the pillowcase along the face, silk keeps the skin cool during the night, making it easier for the body to release anti-aging melatonin.
I bought the dress I bought on the Shein website, now my online website of trust, think that it arrived in just 10 days. Excellent quality, perfectly dressed and very special! Think it costs very little, only 16 euros!

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  1. ho sentito parlare di questo,adesso compro sicuramente questo cuscino.