Shoes: trends 2018

Are you already planning the holidays? Where are you thinking of going?

Do you have comfortable shoes? On Zaful, I was looking at women shoes.

Soon it's spring, the beautiful sunny days begin, warm and pleasant, the days of light get longer, it would be nice to take long walks, do you think like me?

We women are crazy about shoes, we have a lot and we always want more!

The shoe always serves, for every occasion!
For an important evening, it will certainly serve the cap, a beautiful shoe makes a sexy woman and completes our outfit making it unique!In recent times, women's shoes are increasingly important, we women have always loved them and in our closet there is no lack.

For comfortable shoes you will surely have to look breathable shoes that are sporty and suitable for long walks!

Among my favorites :

Lace Up Elastic Band Suede Athletic Shoes that are beautiful? They will be ultra comfortable! I want them! What a beautiful color they have!
I would combine them with a comfortable leggings, they are also useful in the gym, they would make a good impression!
Even with jeans they would be fine!
Do you like?

What do you think of these shoes instead? Breathable Camouflage Casual Shoes -
I really like the imagination and the color, I think they can be combined everywhere!

Even wedge shoes I like a lot, not for long walks but to go out with friends are ideal!

for example, these sandals are very simple and beautiful, even matched with nice jeans and a t-shirt
Also these shoes, I like them a lot really have a nice fantasy!

The highlight is definitely the brown heeled sandals! There are some fabulous models, I would like them all!

Black Flock Chunky Heel Sandals 

A pair of faux suede sandals featuring ankle an almond toe, elegant chunky heel, and metallic ankle wrap with look and hoop closure. Very comfy and stylish, easy go with your outfits

Cross Straps Black Chunky Heel Sandal

Do you like them? Under a dress I think they would be perfect!
Even under a nice black or white pants, I like it as an idfea and you?

Flock Ankle Strap Crystal Heel Sandals

The particularity here is the heel! They are fabulous and unique!
I imagine them under a short skirt in leather or under a red blouse, long ones! What do you think?

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